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#The Butterfly Tree

Love Harlem shows Love to Meet Mutsa

I didn’t blog too much about it because it happened so fast but if you follow me on Twitter on Facebook you’ll know that this Sunday, Meet Mutsa hosted their first ever End of Summer Fayre at the beautiful Queen of Hoxton in Shoreditch! So far we’ve raised £500 for our trip next year to Zambia to continue the Catch Me I’m A Butterfly project.

Check out the write up one of our stall holders, Love Harlem has written here

Keep your eyes peeled for more photographs and reviews over the next few days!

Things I’m Going To Miss

1. Having mangoes (yep…not apples) given to me by my students

2. Walking through Mukuni, hearing her name being called and turning around to see a young child waving to her with a cheeky grin whilst half-hiding behind a tree

3. Getting to class two hours early and having students turn up just to keep me company.

4. The laughs that erupt when I bop my head and try to sing along to a Zambian song

5. Getting on the bus to work and being greeted! People here actually speak to each other

6. Looking out of the window on my commute hoping I spot an elephant

7. Randomly driving up on that one day and spotting THREE cheetahs (on leads)!

8. The sun

9. The rain (African rain it totally different to the dreary stuff that falls in London)

10. Bursting into fits of laughter with my class

11. Having to state the time ONLY using the 24hr clock format 

12. The random rants from drunks at 7am

Thank YOU for…

Laughing with me

'Following' me

'Liking' me

Giving advice, a pat on the back, a huge bear hug

Spreading the work

Investing in me

Telling me ‘it’ll be ok’

Reminding me that it’s worthwhile

Checking in with me

Understanding how important this is

The project is done. I need to finish my report but for now, I can say it went really well. It didn’t all go to plan but this time that’s just fine. It went the way it should. I have learnt so much…sounds vague I just have so much to take in right now. I’ll be posting things that I didn’t manage to during the project and there’s more I have planned for 2012. Thank you all. My first project is done!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year